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Working with charities seems now like it should always have been my career path.  But the lure of auditing (has anyone ever said that?),and then HR, swerved me from seeing where my heart really lay until 5 years into my working life.


I’ve had the honour of working with charities all over the UK for the past 20 years through our family business, Majestic Publications. Over time, my work with charities has developed way beyond the production of their free-of-charge fundraising publications, and I now spend a significant proportion of my time acting as an advisor, a networker, and trainer for wider issues too including GDPR, Direct Mailing, and working with commercial participators.


Having established Jane Montague Consultancy as an entity in its own right, my role, as I see it, is two-fold: - 

- to help and assist charities of all sizes to make connections with businesses, with other charities, and with professionals so that fundraising goals can be met, exceeded, and new strategies formed


- to guide charities and companies through the minefield of the new regulation surrounding charity and business partnerships.  I provide the commitment to work with regulatory bodies such as the Fundraising Regulator and the Charity Commission to ensure that charities and those companies that want to help them, are protected and regulated, earning the trust of the communities that they serve

I can't wait for us to work together 

      Jane x

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