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Painted Heart

for Charities

Achieve Your Goals

Many charities work with commercial participators without realising it. Jane Montague Consultancy can provide advice and a suite of documents to be put in place to highlight charity and Commercial Participator responsibilities and enable your charity brand to be protected. Along with this, due diligence audits can be undertaken across all branches of the charity.

A charity’s success is often based on knowing the right people. Increasingly, my work is not only advisory but introductory: acting as a conduit for charities and introducing them to fundraising professionals, potential supporters, and specialist suppliers. The aim is that with my help, fundraising goals are met, exceeded, and strategies are formed.

My work with charities of all sizes right across the UK and Channel Islands has given me a unique insight into the trends and challenges facing the Third Sector.

Training days and workshops are available for a charity’s trading and fundraising teams to identify and understand requirements for working with commercial participators.

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